Things That Don't Suck



Cats and Dogs

Writing Programs from Scratch

Getting on a Plane and Going Somewhere Far Away

Suddenly Realizing There's Monday Night Football Tonight


A Good Movie

Robbin Soucy Anderson

Email Out of the Blue

The Miraculous LASIK Procedure



Coming Home After Being Away For Too Long

Poker Night

Sweater Weather

Discovering San Francisco on Foot

Black Basketball Players who Play White



White Basketball Players who Play Black

Finding and Fixing a Hard Bug

Arthur Richard Carroll

Alanis Morissette



The Wonderfully Deep Game of Golf

Howard Stern, Getting on Eric "Fred" Norris

Filling Up and Heading Out in a New Car

Earl Campbell


Good Food

Hiking in the Redwoods

West Cliff Drive/Santa Cruz, California

Coffee Houses

Stormy Weather


Huge Bookstores with Monstrous Magazine Sections

 The Morning Paper

Fireplaces (with fires)

The Sunday Morning Paper


Strong Coffee (with Real Half and Half)

Camping on Fremont Peak

Putting Batteries in a Brand New Gizmo

Computers, God Help Me

A Nice Red Wine


Finishing a 10K

Playing Music

Light Traffic

Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and Pete Townshend


My Stocks Shooting Up (or At Least Not Collapsing)

A Good Book

Stacks of Fresh Magazines

Words That Lift Up


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