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Spring 2002 Photos

Alex, Scott, and Charlie. I go way back with these guys

Bay to Breakers 2002: Wacko bands along the course

In the Bellagio

Rashers and rashers of breakfast food

A Lutheran Church not founded by Swedes or Germans

Bay to Breakers 2002: People flow up the Hayes Street hill

Caught red-handed. This gritty little homeless lady caught me taking a picture of her encampment in a doorway on Van Ness near Hayes St.

Alex and Scott dining by the Caesar's pool

Alex and Scott at the Bellagio

CA gets damp

Did I mention it started raining about halfway through?

Somebody stop those guys! They don't belong in here!



Composite Digital Photos from Grand Teton and Yellowstone (September '01)


On Pacific Avenue, July 2001: Chuck, Milli, Yours Truly, Geneva, Saw Player Statue


myhouse.JPG (63618 bytes) housesign.jpg (35409 bytes) houseprofile.jpg (102916 bytes) 

What's it like living in a 150-year-old house? It's great, as long as you're not hung-up on right angles or doors that close properly.


cawithcup.JPG (67199 bytes)

Me on the front steps.  The doormat came with the house and says, "Please Ring Bell."

arthurselfportrait.JPG (46381 bytes)

Senior Digital Photographer Arthur Carroll


arthurtakespicture.JPG (27296 bytes)

S.D.P. Carroll caught in the act of taking a picture of a picture of a kitten of Robbin's from the 70s.   I should know its name but I don't.  The Sony Mavica was a disappointment and went back to the store a couple of days after this was taken.


candyart.JPG (47226 bytes)

Candy strolling.  Processed to look like "fine art."


familyroom.jpg (56013 bytes) robbinthegardener.JPG (119964 bytes) RobbinAtKitchenTable.JPG (79342 bytes)

The window seat is Robbin's favorite reading spot.  Speaking of Robbin, here she is, setting up her new box garden, and telling it like it is at the kitchen table.


lynn.jpg (29130 bytes) lynnandshatner.JPG (42669 bytes)

Lynn Alice Palmquist, Santa Cruz resident 1997-2000.  She likes Star Trek. She listens intently to an early morning William Shatner appearance on Howard Stern. Did I mention, she LIKES STAR TREK?


candy.jpg (10590 bytes) misty.jpg (10758 bytes) toonces.jpg (10449 bytes)

Candy, Misty, and Toonces


rogerAndMilli.JPG (51234 bytes) HappyBaby.JPG (47559 bytes) MilliCrawling.JPG (33024 bytes) MilliAndJulie.JPG (67939 bytes)

Roger, Julie, and Milli Schlafly


SoftwareIsNotPretty.JPG (38844 bytes)

Software is Not Pretty


Rocking At Kens.JPG (37015 bytes) CA_Plays_The_A_Chord.JPG (48416 bytes)

Rocking Charlie Anderson


eunie.jpg (71386 bytes)

My Aunt, Eunice Anderson, in her Oak Park home


camping.JPG (111059 bytes) camping1.JPG (131410 bytes)

Astronomy camping at Fremont Peak with cronies Roger, Bob, and Chuck


Robbin's mom, Verna Soucy


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