My new web hosting company  provides whizzy administration reports for uh, well, administering my website.

One report lists the "referring URL" on each page served.  What's a referring URL, you ask? Every request of a web server by a browser sends along the URL of the page the user was on when he clicked the link that resulted in a hit on your site.  For example, if contained a link to, and someone browsing Yahoo's home page clicked that link, the referring URL ("") is sent along by the browser as a little informational bonus to web server along with the name of the page it wants (AboutMe.htm).  The server writes this factoid to a log file, and then goes about the business of sending back the contents of file AboutMe.htm. 

Frankly, I didn't expect to find anything interesting in this report. But I was wrong.  For example, I discovered that a woman in Edmonton, Canada uses an jpeg hosted on my server as her avatar on an Alanis Morissette bulletin board.  Thousands of times a month my server is called upon to cough up this file--whenever someone views a topic page on which "RubberChicken" has commented.  I'm not complaining; in fact, I rather enjoy this net sharing.

Once in a while, someone will visit me from a link posted on another site.  My Demise of the $.01 Sign story apparently has fans out there.

Many of the referring URLs are from search engines.  What's cool is that referring URLs from a search site include the search words as part of the URL, so I can see, Big Brother-like, what people were looking for when they ended up on my site. Usually, the matched page was my Lost in America journal, simply because it contains the most unique words. 

Below I've listed some search text culled from referring URL reports.  It's a microcosm of what people are searching for on the web.  Lots of interest in sex ("topless donut shops"), lots of people unclear on searching ("I want to learn about picking wild edible mushrooms in northeast pa"), and lots of searches that defy categorization ("jello generator grill," "preserving food in deco bottles").  The events of September 11 generated a number of hits.

I hope the people that ended up on found the information they were looking for, but somehow I doubt it.  Few of the hits came from Google, the world's best web search engine.  Google is far too smart to send someone looking for "shark attack video clips" or "City of Calgary" to my little site.

bulletStir Crazy Popcorn England
bulletDesert Island Mt. Fire 1947 History
bulletNot hot water broke bills
bulletInflatable couches and OIL
bulletPickup camper rental boise idaho
bulletShark attacks videos clips
bulletNude wives home pages
bulletWaterfalls oregon romona ram
bulletCity of Calgary
bulletNew Orleans royal 1140
bulletBeatle cat sailboat
bulletPet snake mississauga
bulletJello generator grill
bulletFuel route i80 state of PA
bulletCarl's Junction Schools
bulletFrozen calamari weigh
bulletSushi easton PA
bulletSeaside oregon bars taverns
bulletTunnels bridges elevators sidewalks highways
bulletChalk inventions
bulletSouvenir plates made in england
bulletScotts dairy freeze north bend
bulletDodge car dealerships rockford illinois
bulletSong From A Distance Bette Middler
bullethoward stern family pictures
bulletlyrics to did they fire six shots or only five
bulletKill bin laden
bulletNude girl on my 1994 Dodge Ram
bulletMoxie sex scenes
bulletBin laden dad's skyscraper
bulletPreserving food in deco bottles
bulletWays To Clean Trailer parks of trashy people
bulletShooting by police houston texas in august 2001 of black man at dirt company on hillcroft av
bulletWhen were seatbelts invented
bulletVan Goughs Self Portrait with Felt Hat
bulletLouisiana nude camping
bulletBelly button putter
bulletHomemade menstrual pads
bulletI want to learn about picking wild edible mushrooms in northeast pa
bulletEastern kentucky university sweatshirts
bullet"Married With Children" TV show and its effects on morality
bulletPrettiest campsite in Orange County
bulletPlastic zellinsky
bulletLittle red stuga restaurant
bullet"Jelly roll" penis
bulletNavajo art grandmother flying rug
bulletBald eagle crying with twin towers crumbling in background
bulletDouglas pell silverware
bulletDid Budweiser pull their products from an Arab store in California
bulletBeer Tap Handles Minnesota Vikings
bulleteastern kentucky university sweatshirts
bulletinflatable architecture
bulletfuneral pillows blankets
bulletglobe artichoke and fun facts
bulletlindsborg reality
bulletdinette sets in monterey california
bulletpictures of pine trees in snow
bulletEarl Campbell astroturf
bulletSander's bumpy cake
bulletchattanooga slum lords
bulletChristmas lighting amps power inverter
bullettopless donut shop
bulletBoise nude fun
bulletfancy Houston doorbells
bulletexample of removing cmos battery from a dell laptop
bulletwhere can i buy a used AMC Gremlin
bulletwrecked toyota supra
bulletbleacher cartoon pictures
bulletcool bass solos that will impress your friends
bulletrivers that run through sioux city
bullethow to get more power out of a fiesta diesel engine
bulletThe Beatle Cat Sailboat
bulletreplace free standing dinette oak
bulletgiant rainier bike dealer prices
bulletalanis morissette hate men
bulletmy bmw ran out of gas
bulletgay bed and breakfasts banf
bulletStephen Stills alternate tunings
bulletboxer shorts with guitars on them
bulletOral Roberts God will take me home
bulletnavajo girl nude
bulletbest places to live in chicago
bulletcafe latte seaside,oregon
bulletDoes Roger Stauback own Starbucks
bulletscandinavian airways toilet
bulletnude trailer parks
bulletuniversity of kentucky nude
bulletnude and kentucky
bulletnude in kentucky
bulletnude kentucky
bulletnude kentucky wives

You have questions about Jello generators?  Plastic zellinsky?  Homemade menstrual pads?  Nude camping in Louisiana?  Frankly, who doesn't.

And can somebody please tell me what the hell is going on in Kentucky?



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